What is Wrong with America?

What is wrong with America?  This question has been asked numerous times over the past several days. Our nation has certainly endured many violent tragedies. Historically, in the wake of such strategies, Americans came together, worked together, and prayed together.  They sung in unison and they triumphed through the hurdle.  Today is different.  Today, when faced with tragedy, we immediately turn to the media and to the crony capitalists, who we have allowed to control our lives. Instead of healing and mourning, citizens demand increased security versus increased liberty.  With attitudes like this, we will be living in a dictatorial police state in just a mater of years.

In the wake of the 9/11/01 attacks on the World Trade Center, the PATRIOT ACT was passed.  This act allowed the government to spy on you.  It allows the government to spy  on your travel plans; it allows them to spy on your banking transactions, and it allows them to control multiple other aspects of your life.  For what?  What has the PATRIOT ACT actually stopped?  When was the last terrorist attack on the United States?  In my calculation, it was on 9/11/01.  Now, before you embark on a family trip, which should be a happy time, you and your family is subjected to being searched, groped, and fondled by TSA workers.  Not only are you searched, groped, and fondled, but you’re also having nude photographs taken of your body, and are made to fee like a criminal.  This does not sound like America; it sounds like the Soviet Union.  What’s even worse is that many Americans just “don’t mind.”  The intrusive behavior of our government gives these “sheeple” a false sense of security.  It is a sense of security that allow them to go back to bed.  It allows for them to zone-out while watching professional sports and Dancing with the Stars.  Sports are games; Dancing with the Stars is not truly reality.  They are merely distractions.

Maybe you were distracted tyrannical New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, called on Obama to bypass Congress and take “executive action” against our Second Amendment rights.

Here it is in its entirety:

Let me get this straight…Bloomberg wants Obama, in effect, to “declare” that certain firearms or accessories (like high-capacity magazines) are illegal.  That’s not how it works, Mr. Mayor.  This isn’t the Soviet Union.  We don’t have a dictator.  We have the Congress.  Congress makes the laws, the executive (Obama) enforces them.  Did you miss this while you were watching your make-believe story about teenage vampires?  Why isn’t anyone drawing attention to this madman?  You won’t miss your rights until they are gone!

Michael Bloomberg isn’t concerned about your family’s safety.  He simply desires control–as would any other dictator.  The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting, and it’s not even about home defense; it’s about the defense of the people. Firearms are our hedge against a tyrannical government.  How can we possibly hope to enforce our liberties if our personal security security measures are taken.  Show me an alternative to be a loyal subject.  Do it not, and you shall say no more.


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