The Blood of Children

In the past week, 20 innocent children (and seven innocent adults) were brutally murdered in Newtown, CT.  I, along with most other moral, peace-loving human beings worldwide, was disgusted.  How could anyone fathom killing innocent human beings, especially little children?  How could anyone be so sick?We also saw Barack Obama, the Marxist-Leninist who was just elected to his second term as the President of the United States, attempt to captivate the nation by putting on a charade–pretending to weep as he spoke of murdered children.

But, did Barack Obama, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, weep for this child?


…or these children


…or these children?


Has he wept for any of the estimated 200 children his drones have killed?

Infowars has prepared an educational report on the man who wants to void your Second Amendment rights for “our children’s sake.”  Do you trust this man with the lives of your children?





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