The True Importance of the 2nd Amendment


Are you for gun control? Are you a good minion who listens to everything the mainstream media tells you? Do you not understand why anyone would need a 30-round magazine for their semi-automatic weapon?
Are you one who agrees with President Obama that AK-47 rifles belong in the hands of soldiers and not citizens? Are you one of the people who holds the Second Amendment responsible for the 20 innocent children who were murdered by a deranged thief in Newtown, CT? Well, I am not.

Why? I reject all assaults on the Second Amendment. I have done the research; I have studied history. I know that the Second Amendment was not created to protect the rights of hunters; it was not created to protect the rights of citizens to defend themselves against common criminals (although these are legitimate uses of firearms). The Second Amendment was created to keep the power with the people. After all, we the people created the government. We defeated tyranny with privately held arms. Our ancestors refused to be slaves to a despotic king. Once we allow the collectivists to deny us our rights to bear arms, we will not be able to preserve the other God-given liberties outlined in the Constitution.



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