All I Want for Christmas…


Thanks to the Tenth Amendment Center


Last night, on Christmas Eve 2012, I spent time attending church, praying, and visiting with family and friends.  Later in the evening, I retreated to my living room, where I took in a good movie and enjoyed my pipe.  How wonderful it is to still have liberty.  On this site, as in my personal life, I spend a lot of time discussing the erosion of our rights in today’s modern America.  Christmas is a time of new beginnings; it brings another year of our lives to an end, while ushering in another.  Christmas is a time for celebration.

While at my church service this evening, I realized that despite the media and political bias against Christianity, I still had a right to pray.  When I left the building, I did not have government agents following me.  Because of the First Amendment, I am still free to pray and peacefully assemble at my church.  The Second Amendment was with me this evening, too.  As my service and Christmas Eve dinner ran late into the evening, I carried my chosen firearm not only as a means for self defense, but in defense of all of the other parishioners.  In my state, we’re still free to do things like that.

I felt very blessed tonight that I still live in a state where I am relatively free to act as a I please–given that I do not violate the rights of anyone else.  So many others, however, even in the United States do not have the same freedoms as I enjoy.  Many Muslims are not able to freely worship without being spied upon and made to feel like terrorists.  Many Christians have had their Nativity scenes taken down by the government or vandals (or both).  Law-abiding citizens in places like Illinois are not able to protect their families as I can protect mine.

The moral of my Christmas story is this: appreciate your freedom.  Pray for those who are less fortunate.  Think of those defenseless individuals in other countries who are being massacred because of their religion.  Pray for those who are imprisoned for speaking out against their government.  We don’t have that in the United States yet.  Fear, for it is coming.  However, just for today-just for Christmas 2012, pray that it doesn’t–both in 2013 and beyond.

All I want for Christmas is liberty.


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