What is Wrong with Chicago?

Chicago: Where Common Sense and Constitutional Rights are Ignored.

Chicago: Where Common Sense and Constitutional Rights are Ignored.

Last night, on Christmas, one person was killed and 13 others were wounded in continued acts of violence in the City of Chicago. On August 23, 2012, 19 people were shot in Chicago.  Due to an obvious media bias against the Second Amendment, these shootings have been largely ignored by the mainstream news. Illinois, and especially the City of Chicago, have some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States. Concealed (or open) carry of a handgun is completely prohibited.  Illinois is the only state in the Union that does not recognize a citizen’s right to carry a firearm.  That law, however, was recently ruled unconstitutional by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Chicago’s total ban on handgun ownership was overturned by the United States Supreme Court in 2010 (McDonald v Chicago). In order to even purchase a firearm, a person must obtain a permit, undergo state and Federal background checks, and comply with a 72-hour waiting period for handguns and a 24-hour waiting period for long guns.  Registration of firearms is an additional requirement.

While city officials continue to push for new gun control measures, their citizens are killing each other.  So, I must ask: What is wrong with the City of Chicago?  If their gun control laws were working, why are people still being killed?  Chicago has an admitted gang problem, and city leaders have vowed to remove guns from the hands of criminals.  They have failed.  Did the toughest gun control laws in America do anything to curb the 433 murders that occurred in Chicago in 2011, and the 523 murders that have occurred in 2012?  The answer is “NO.”  Chicago’s gun control laws have only impacted law-abiding citizens’ ability to bear arms–who, statistically, only commit a crime with their legally-obtained firearms 1% of the time.  In my estimation, city officials have proven two things:

  • Chicago residents are unsafe
  • Gun Control Laws are non-effiacious

Again, I must ask, What is wrong with Chicago?


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