At 9:00PM, Alex Jones and the Spirit of 1776 came a-calling to CNN’s nasty Redcoat, Piers Morgan. Morgan, who is an outspoken opponent of American gun rights, recently unleashed an ad hominem attack on Gun Owners of America President, Larry Pratt.  Morgan’s disrespect of Mr. Pratt and our rights angered the entire liberty-minded community.  We struck back this evening.  Oh yes, we struck back on the “Hatchet of the New World Order.”

I have watched the segments several times, and I was quite impressed with Alex’s performance.  While his methods were a tad uncouth, it was exactly what Piers Morgan and the rest of the anti-freedom crowd desperately needed.  If our foes ever doubted us, if they ever thought we would go quietly into the night, they now know that we will not be defeated!  Piers Morgan, the Queen’s loyal subject, was hardly able to get a word in edgewise.  The tables had been turned!  Alex had his facts straight (for the most part), and was diligent in addressing current crime statistics–both in the US and the UK.  However, I wish that Alex would have further developed his points regarding the crime rates in the UK.  You see, dear friend, the murder rate in the UK has remained unchanged since the nation banned guns–and the violent crime rate (i.e. assaults, rapes, etc) skyrocketed.



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