Barack Obama: Tyrannical Scum

Tyranny has reared its ugly head in America.  On January 15, 2013, self-proclaimed American dictator, Barack Hussein Obama, will announce his recommendations on deliberate infringements of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.  While he will make his recommendations to United States Congress, Obama will also prepare to move unilaterally, issuing 19 executive orders to “reduce gun violence.”  Anyone paying attention to both national and international crime statistics, know that new laws will not reduce gun violence; they will only begin the disarmament of law-abiding Americans.

Obama has masked these new unconstitutional orders as an attempt to enforce current laws (i.e. “strengthening background checks,” wider sharing of “gun databases,” and increased research on gun violence by the Centers for Disease Control).  However, his motives to create a total police state are clear.  “Strengthening” background checks will lead to demonizing innocent gun owners, declaring many mentally unfit to own firearms (without due process), barring those on the tyrannical “no fly list” from purchasing firearms (without due process), and greatly increased waiting periods.  The new background checks may also include a surcharge (or “tax stamp”) for every firearm purchased–a similar process a citizen will currently undergo to purchase a fully-automatic weapon.  “Wider sharing of resources” will equate to federal authorities forcing local governments to turn in the names of lawful gun owners and assist in the enforcement of unconstitutional laws.  Greater research on gun violence will translate to compiling information on lawful gun owners–who are not committing crimes with their weapons.  These new measures, coupled with a potential federal gun registry, will undoubtedly lead to an complete gun confiscation.



The Marxist-Leninist mayor of Chicago has headed to Washington to give insight and support for new gun control measures.  Chicago, which has already seen 22 murders thus far in 2013, has the strictest gun control in the United States.  Is more proof necessary to show that gun control is non-efficacious?  Despite a 2010 Supreme Court decision that struck down the city’s handgun ban, in addition to a recent decision by a lower court, Chicago rulers, seeking to defy the orders, is considering an “assault weapons” ban.

When will the madness stop?  When will the American people DEMAND that our constitution be upheld?



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