How Much Longer: A Rant

How much longer are you going to put up with the tyranny that is befalling America? How much longer are you going to remain complacent, trusting everything that the criminals in the Obama Administration exude from their perverted mouths? How much longer are you going to tolerate paying taxes, knowing that your hard-earned dollars are only paying interest to billionaire banksters? How much longer are you going to tolerate the private, international banking cartel, known as the Federal Reserve, to continue printing currency, driving up inflation at unprecedented levels? How much longer are you going to sit idly by and watch the banksters, in collusion with the military-industrial complex, start unnecessary wars, wasting innocent lives and dollars? Get used to it! It’s your fault! You’re accepting of government mind games. You believe what the mainstream media tells you; you buy into it! You’re concerned about sporting events that don’t matter. You waste your time and energy worrying about celebrity gossip, Dancing with the Stars, and Desperate Housewives. Why? It distracts you; it’s comfortable; it’s easy. How much longer are you going to remain a dirty philistine, a lemming, and an ignoramus?

Your country is in decay. The government is spying on you. They’re poisoning you. They’re destroying your future; they’re destroying your children’s future, and they’re destroying your grandchildren’s future. It seems, however, that you don’t care. I don’t even have to ask you why. It’s part denial, and it’s part naïveté. You deny that a problem exists; you’re so taken with your collectivist fantasies. You’re enough of an idiot to believe that Obama is a civil rights hero with a Gandhi-like persona– completely ignoring the fact that he’s a Marxist-Leninist who kills children with drones! You also haven’t given up childish thinking. “I’ve never seen tyranny, so it couldn’t exist. No, no, no. Everything happens exactly as portrayed on the news!” Tyranny is right in front of your face; they’re trying to take our guns for God’s Sake! Look at history. What does every police state, totalitarian government, and genocide have in common? GUN CONTROL. Take away the guns, remove the citizens’ protection against the government, and inject tyranny.

How much longer are you going to put up with your rights being derailed? The freedom-loving, sovereign nation that your ancestors built is being dismantled –and it’s your fault! STAND UP AND FIGHT, YOU SONS OF BITCHES!


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