The Right Side of History

In this video, socialist commentator, Ed Schultz, interviews Dan Gross of the Brady Campaign “To Prevent Gun Violence.” In reality, the Brady Campaign promote the disarmament and subjugation of the American people. It also promotes increased violence with their ruinous policy proposals. Dan Gross, being the disgusting communist that he is, stated, “There are some people [in Congress] who are on the right side of history, and some people who are on the wrong side of history.” He continued by discussing “civil rights.”

Mr. Gross, you are on the wrong side of history. You are on the side of history that promotes genocide; you are on the same side of history as King George IV, Adolf Hitler, and Josef Stalin. Your talk of “civil rights” is preposterous; gun ownership (including the ownership of semi-automatic rifles) is a civil right. History says that you and your followers will be defeated. Just ask your heroes. Americans defeated King George and his redcoats. America defeated the Nazis. American freedom outlasted the despotic Soviet regime.

Follow the enemy and track the proponents of tyranny on Twitter (BradyBuzz). Let them, their followers, and millions of others know that we will not tolerate our civil rights being violated!


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