Sinister Super Bowl Commercial

From First Amendment Media:

No one at First Amendment Media plans on watching the Super Bowl. We’ve got better things to do – like fighting for the liberty of all Americans. The anti-gun forces, led by Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ campaign to “Demand a Plan to End Gun Violence.”

The commercial, likely entirely funded by Michael Bloomberg, is quite heart-warming. It features children begging for gun control (and specifically universal background checks) to save them. What really saves children are responsible, law-abiding adults protecting their children with firearms. No “universal background check” needed. Tyrants, like Hitler and Stalin, historically used children to tear at the hearts of everyday citizens. Usually, the intentions were completely sinister (like promoting communism and national socialism, which led to the murders of over 100 million people). Don’t be fooled. Don’t cry. Don’t give in. Don’t believe the lies of universal background checks; they are but a ruse for total gun confiscation.


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