Drone Strikes Against American Citizens ‘Legal’

(Note: The Young Turks, who created the above content, are advocates of gun control and other activity which is anti-liberty.  Their opinions do not represent those of Mr. Garbo or First Amendment Media)

How did watching the above video make you feel?  Where were Obama’s fake tears when these children were killed?  How would you feel if your family were the victims of unconstitutional drone strikes?  How would you feel if your family were put on a kill-list and had their rights to due process denied?  How much longer are you going to stand idly by and watch criminals like Barack Obama and Eric Holder justify murder?  How much longer will it be until drone strikes are used against Americans…in America?

In an investigative report issued by NBC News, a confidential U.S. government white paper claims that drone strikes against American citizens are allowed under law.  The legal strikes, aimed at taking out key Al-CIA-da terrorists, many occur even if there is no evidence that there is a threat of an imminent attack.  Click here to read the article in its entirety.

Don’t be confused when the government claims that these actions are reserved for Al-CIA-Da jihadists!  What happens when the government begins labeling American dissenters as “domestic terrorists?”  The FBI has already admitted that they were (and may continue) to investigate the Occupy Movement as a possible threat.  Average, everyday activities, like paying for your coffee with cash, are also being deemed as suspicious.  Since the government is already claiming that their drone strikes against American citizens living abroad are legal (even if there is no evidence to suggest an imminent threat), how much longer will it be before they are begin striking Americans in the homeland?