Sick Society: Support Growing for Murderer, Dorner

Former-LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner

Former-LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner

If there was any doubt left that America is a sick society, it has completely disappeared.  On February 3, Christopher Dorner, a former-LAPD patrolman, who was fired in the wake of a (supposed) whistle blowing campaign, began a revenge killing-spree.  That spree left Monica Quan, the daughter of an LAPD detective, her fiance, and a Riverside, CA, police officer dead.  Meanwhile, a manhunt, with a $1 million bounty, has ensued. Dorner claims that he was wrongfully terminated and has sworn revenge, in a 14-page manifesto, against the LAPD.  The manifesto can be read in its entirety by clicking the link in the previous sentence.

Most people are shocked and horrified at the actions of Christopher Dorner.  Most Americans, especially those of us who refuse to believe in media hype and pop culture heroes, don’t support revenge–and don’t support murder.  Contrary to the belief of Christopher Dorner and his heroes (Dorner, in his sick manifesto, lauds gun control and its supporters, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Piers Morgan, and Barack Obama), the vast majority of gun owners–even those of us who own semi-automatic weapons with high-capacity magazines, could never condone Dorner’s actions.

To the disbelief of many, there are Americans who support Christoper Dorner, his manifesto, and his actions.  In fact, there are thousands.  This afternoon, I perused Facebook and located nearly 30 Dorner “fan” pages.  One such group, We Stand with Christopher Dorner, had 10,504 “Likes.” Another page, “I Support Christopher Jordan Dorner,” had 9,555 “Likes.” That’s 20,059 sick Americans.  Many of these individuals are devout leftists.  Others, by their violent comments, seem unable to separate video game fantasy from real world reality.

Some of the pages, like “I Support Christopher Jordan Dorner,” claim, “This is not a page about supporting the killing of innocent people. It’s supporting fighting back against corrupt cops and bringing to light what they do.”  The way to fight back against corrupt police (and I do not deny that the LAPD has them) is to expose them.  Use the mainstream media; use the alternative media; use social media, but do not resort to violence!  Resorting to violence will never stop police corruption.  Besides killing innocent police officers and their family members, it causes even the most corrupt members of the force to look like heroes.  Christopher Dorner could have been a hero. If he truly was wronged and his claims were true, he could have been successful is exposing his foes.  Instead, he chose evil.  Christopher Dorner is not a hero; he a murderer.  The people he killed were real, and unlike characters from a video game, movie, or television show, they will not come back to life.


The Truth About Mass Shootings


Your chances of being killed in a mass shooting? It’s the same as being struck by lightning.
Photo by Shredex

Are you worried about being killed in a mass shooting?  Do you believe in the media-hype behind the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT?  Are you “demanding a plan” to control firearms?  Do you favor resorting to gun control policies, which have been proven ineffective by criminologists and historians?  If so, you’ll love, “The Facts About Gun Control,” by John Fund of the National Review.

Reader Beware!  Your media-created, anti-gun fantasy is about to collapse!

Despite what you’ve been told by the media, mass shootings are no more common today than in prior decades.  They may even be decreasing.  In fact, sources say they peaked in 1929.  The same sources site that mass killing occurred before modern firearms (like the AR-15, the gun feared most by the collectivists) were invented.  In 1780, Revolutionary War veteran Barrett Mallory, often considered America’s first mass murderer, bludgeoned two people to death before setting fire to their home, killing their three grandchildren.

If the media has you convinced that you face a high likelihood of being killed in a mass shooting, you should avoid betting on horses.  Your odds of being killed by the Adam Lanza-type are nearly the same as being struck by lightning–about one in 700,000.

Until the Newtown murders, the worst school shootings in history occurred in the U.K. and Germany.  Does anyone remember what happened in Norway (another nation where guns are banned) in 2011?  In July of that year, Anders Behring Breivik, opened fire at a K-12 summer camp, killing 85.  The media, due to his right-wing views, call Breivik a terrorist–and not a mass murderer.  One might ask the question:  what’s the difference?

One common theme to most mass killings is the the perpetrator has a history of mental illness.  Despite the media claiming that the government is trying to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill (which they’ve been doing since 1968, when the Gun Control Act was passed), they’re not actually helping these people with the treatment with their ailments.

John Fund cites Economists John Lott and William Landes, who conducted an impacting 1999 study and found:

“…a common theme of mass shootings is that they occur in places where guns are banned and killers know everyone will be unarmed, such as shopping malls and schools.”

Mr. Fund’s report breaks down even more information that debunks the mainstream media’s fear-mongering lies.  It is up to you to decide: are you going believe the lies and “demand a plan” (as Comrade Bloomberg would like), or are you going to demand that the government cease all infringements on your Second Amendment rights?

Sinister Super Bowl Commercial

From First Amendment Media:

No one at First Amendment Media plans on watching the Super Bowl. We’ve got better things to do – like fighting for the liberty of all Americans. The anti-gun forces, led by Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ campaign to “Demand a Plan to End Gun Violence.”

The commercial, likely entirely funded by Michael Bloomberg, is quite heart-warming. It features children begging for gun control (and specifically universal background checks) to save them. What really saves children are responsible, law-abiding adults protecting their children with firearms. No “universal background check” needed. Tyrants, like Hitler and Stalin, historically used children to tear at the hearts of everyday citizens. Usually, the intentions were completely sinister (like promoting communism and national socialism, which led to the murders of over 100 million people). Don’t be fooled. Don’t cry. Don’t give in. Don’t believe the lies of universal background checks; they are but a ruse for total gun confiscation.

Hero Reporter Accosted by Bloomberg Security


Don’t try to ask the dictator of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, any questions. Just ask reported and talk show host, Jason Mattera. On January 18th, Mattera approached Bloomberg and asked him “in the spirit of gun control” if he would disarm his entourage of bodyguards. Bloomberg’s reply? “I’ll get back to you.” Shortly after being pushed away from the dictator, Mr. Mattera was followed, accosted, and harassed by a thug New York City Police Officer assigned to Mr. Bloomberg’s entourage. Mr. Mattera’s questions have been answered. Actions speak louder than words.

As concerned, patriotic Americans, we must continue to ask ourselves, how much longer are we going to put up with corrupt, hypocritical leaders?

How Much Longer: A Rant

How much longer are you going to put up with the tyranny that is befalling America? How much longer are you going to remain complacent, trusting everything that the criminals in the Obama Administration exude from their perverted mouths? How much longer are you going to tolerate paying taxes, knowing that your hard-earned dollars are only paying interest to billionaire banksters? How much longer are you going to tolerate the private, international banking cartel, known as the Federal Reserve, to continue printing currency, driving up inflation at unprecedented levels? How much longer are you going to sit idly by and watch the banksters, in collusion with the military-industrial complex, start unnecessary wars, wasting innocent lives and dollars? Get used to it! It’s your fault! You’re accepting of government mind games. You believe what the mainstream media tells you; you buy into it! You’re concerned about sporting events that don’t matter. You waste your time and energy worrying about celebrity gossip, Dancing with the Stars, and Desperate Housewives. Why? It distracts you; it’s comfortable; it’s easy. How much longer are you going to remain a dirty philistine, a lemming, and an ignoramus?

Your country is in decay. The government is spying on you. They’re poisoning you. They’re destroying your future; they’re destroying your children’s future, and they’re destroying your grandchildren’s future. It seems, however, that you don’t care. I don’t even have to ask you why. It’s part denial, and it’s part naïveté. You deny that a problem exists; you’re so taken with your collectivist fantasies. You’re enough of an idiot to believe that Obama is a civil rights hero with a Gandhi-like persona– completely ignoring the fact that he’s a Marxist-Leninist who kills children with drones! You also haven’t given up childish thinking. “I’ve never seen tyranny, so it couldn’t exist. No, no, no. Everything happens exactly as portrayed on the news!” Tyranny is right in front of your face; they’re trying to take our guns for God’s Sake! Look at history. What does every police state, totalitarian government, and genocide have in common? GUN CONTROL. Take away the guns, remove the citizens’ protection against the government, and inject tyranny.

How much longer are you going to put up with your rights being derailed? The freedom-loving, sovereign nation that your ancestors built is being dismantled –and it’s your fault! STAND UP AND FIGHT, YOU SONS OF BITCHES!

A History of Gun Control


This is a wonderful history of gun control and its menacing effects on societies throughout history. This video contains graphic images, and will be disturbing to all viewers. Genocide is disturbing. Tyranny is disturbing. Gun control is a tool used by tyrants and often leads to genocide. Don’t let it happen in America. Share this video with everyone you know–even your children. Expose the true motives behind civilian disarmament. The life you save may be your own.

It’s a Bill of Rights…Not a Bill of Needs


I’ve heard this question posed numerous times recently, both by the media and common individuals: “Why would anyone need a semiautomatic ‘assault” rifle?’” The question is often follow by, “You don’t need a 30-round “clip” for hunting.” The answer to that question is simple: The Second Amendment. The Second Amendment identified the citizen’s God-given right to self defense. Specifically, this right was identified by the framers neither for the citizen to engage in hunting (although this is certainly a proper use for a firearm), nor to defend his home against an intruder. The Second Amendment was placed into the Constitution to establish the citizen’s right (and duty) to defend himself against tyranny. Since the armies of modern tyrants use semi (and fully-automatic) weapons, it is only fair to recognize that the citizen be able to bear these arms. This isn’t an opinion; it is fact. Thomas Jefferson said:

“What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.”

How can we be expected to fulfill our duty to resist tyranny, as outlined in the Declaration of Independence, if we cannot possess military-style weapons?  What does a moral and law-abiding government have to fear with an armed populace?  Don’t be fooled, the government knows the crime statistics.  They know that 99.7% of the time, lawful gun owners never commit crimes with their firearms.  The only reason they want to control your gun is so that they can control you.

In the United States, we have a Bill of Rights, not a Bill of Needs.  We need many things to survive, like food, water, and shelter.   Don’t we also need to defend ourselves against tyranny?  Don’t we need to be able to defend ourselves against criminals?  There is only one answer to this question: Yes.  Many ignorant Americans, remaining unconvinced, still don’t understand the need.  Again, there’s only one constitutional answer: Tyrants respond well to military-style weapons.  Just ask King George. Somehow, this same ignorant American, too busy watching football and Dancing with the Stars, fail to note that history is often repeated; he or she is still not convinced that there is a need for citizens to bear arms.  That’s this explanation is needed: America has a Bill of Rights, not a “Bill of of Needs.” You don’t need to look at pornography; you don’t need to read the latest vampire novel, and you don’t need to idly chatter with your friends.  However, you have a right to engage in these activities.  You have a right to keep and bear arms.  God gave you this right, but He gave it to you because you need it.